The Greater Philadelphia GeoHistory Network website contains thousands of old maps, property atlases, city directories, industrial site surveys, and other items documenting the history and development of the city from the 1600s through today.

As conceived, the GeoHistory Network presents more than just maps. It provides the infrastructure and the information necessary to understand historic materials within the context of place and time.

This teacher guide is designed to help teachers use this resource effectively and productively in their classroom. Introducing interactive historic materials into a classroom can inspire students and deepen their learning and understanding of history and geography. This guide is designed to be flexible, so feel free to choose individual activities and modify lessons that will work best for your class.

We recommend saving the guide to your local computer and using Adobe Reader to view or print the pages.

HIGH SCHOOL (grades 9-12)

Download the High School Teacher's Guide (Adobe PDF, 1.8MB)


Download the Grades 6-8 Teacher's Guide (Adobe PDF, 1.5MB)


Download the Grades 3-5 Teacher's Guide (Adobe PDF, 1.4MB)

The guides and exercises were prepared by Ruth Lonvick, a graduate student in the Museum Education program at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia.


Online exercises for students will be available in the near future. Other exercises are available in the Teacher's Guides.