Links to Projects and Info

The following is a list of links recommended by panelists and speakers at the Future Foundations: Mapping the Past symposium organized for the planning of the Greater Philadelphia GeoHistory Network. Additional links have been contributed by advisory committee members, all with the goal of providing a wide survey of existing GIS, history, and historical GIS resources for study.

General GIS References
Recomended by Reference
Merrick Lex Berman China Historical GIS
Electronic Cultural Atlas
Harvard Geospatial Library
Berkeley Mapper
Going Places in the Catalog
Map Junction (Boston Atlas)
Lloyd Benson Secession Era Editorials Project
(with "proof of concept" mapping interface)
Historical United States County
Boundary Files (HUSCO)
Newberry Library Atlas
of Historic County Boundaries
UVA, Valley of the Shadow Project
Perseus Digital Library
Interactive Digital Atlas
John Hutchinson Shenandoah Valley Battlefields Foundation
Diana Stuart Sinton NITLE's GIS Initiative
A good example of how to organize/distribute digital assets with a geographical search: Harvard's Geospatial Library
Mark Lecher ESRI Homepage
National Ocean Service, NOAA:
Historical chart project
Pennsylvania GIS References
Recomended by Reference
Noel Strattan CRGIS is a map-based inventory of the historic and archaeological sites and surveys stored in the files of the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission.Access.
Philadelphia GIS References
Recomended by Reference
Domenic Vitiello Design competition for the reuse of vacant land in Philadelphia organized by the City Parks Association.
(GIS layers provided by the Cartographic Modeling Lab at Penn).
Adam Levine's site on Philadelphia creeks, sewers, and development history.
Robert Cheetham PhillyHistory
Phila HistoricStreets
Phila Print Index
Dennis Culhane Cartographic Modeling Lab provides access to Philadelphia-area geographic layers, integrated and aggregated administrative records from municipal agencies, and analysis.
Cartographic Modeling Lab
Amy Hillier This website presents some of my historical GIS research on redlining in Philadelphia
Link to Neighborhood Change Database