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Free Library of Philadelphia

Hexamer General Surveys, 1866-1896

Finding Surveys

There are two methods provided for locating a particular survey:

  • Browse a full index, listed by plate number.

  • Search for surveys by year, name, product, street, or ward. See some tips on searching below.

You may view the high-resolution image of a particular survey by clicking the name of the facility in the index or search results list.

Instructions for using the high-resolution image viewer are available by clicking on the "Help" link that is available on each page.

Please note that some of the surveys that are listed may be missing from the collection, and thus may not be available here either. When attempting to view a survey with a missing image, you will receive a message indicating that the image is not available. Many surveys missing from the collection at the Free Library of Philadelphia were digitized from the copies of these volumes that are held by the Library of Congress.

Searching Tips

  • Searches are case-insensitive, so "Stetson" and "stetson" will return the same results.

  • Searches are exact in the text to be found (wildcard functionality is not provided in this version). If you do not find what you are looking for, try reducing your search to the most important keyword.

  • You can mix and match criteria in the various fields offered. The search will find surveys that match ALL the criteria that is specified (effectively a boolean "AND" search).

  • Not all of the records have the year or date recorded. You may find the full index useful in browsing within a particular year, as the surveys are roughly in the order of their completion.