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Identifer Preview Title Surveyor Date Media / Size / Scale Area / Map Features
SD7th-WS-CP387-11 Plan of topographical survey of a portion of Fort Mifflin Reservation, Fortieth Ward, Philadelphia Thorpe, Frederick T., Jr. 1930
36 x 56 in.
Southwest Philadelphia
SD9th-II-A-27 Plan of Wissahickon Summit. [Promotional text: "…600' from the beautiful Wissahickon Creek...the Switzerland of Eastern Penna. … Most of the land along this stream is owned by people of large means. This is the first chance people of moderate means have had to get a foothold in this Section. Lots 2' x 100. Price $90 - $275. $2 secures a lot. Weekly or monthly payments thereafter. Agent on the land: Samuel Crothers, 1211 Walnut St."] Not named 1905 ca.
19 x 36 in.
Roxborough. Bounded roughly by Greenway St. to Summit Ave., Ridge Ave. to Magdalena St.
SD9th-II-A-41 [No title. Plan of streets and industrial buildings along the Manayunk Canal of the Schuylkill Navigation Co. Manayunk, from above Jackson Street to Cotton Street. This plan is contiguous with SD9TH-II-A-42] Not named 1890 ca.
19 x 34 in.
Manayunk, along canal from roughly Jackson St. to Cotton St.
SD9th-II-A-42 [No title. Plan of streets and industrial buildings along the Manayunk Canal of the Schuylkill Navigation, from above Mechanic Street to below Cedar Street. This plan is contiguous with SD9TH-II-A-41] Not named 1890 ca.
20 x 36 in.
Manayunk, along canal from roughly Mechanic St. to Cedar St.
SD9th-II-D-1-2 Topography along Monoshone Creek Sundstrom, C. A. 1898
27 x 45 in.
Monoshone Creek and tributary from Forbidden Drive to Wissahickon Ave.
SD9th-III-A-19 Plan of that part of the Borough of Manayunk which is included between Green and Shurs Lanes, Wood and Tower Streets, and the River Schuylkill. Surveyed by John Levering, September 1842. [NOTE: also blueprint copy in 9th Survey Flat File VIII-A-4] Levering, John 1842
24 x 36 in.
Manayunk. Schuylkill River top Wood St. and Tower St., Green Lane to Shur's Lane
SD9th-III-A-32 Plan of property belonging to the est. of Justus C. Strawbridge in the Twenty-first Ward Philadelphia. May 1911. Sundstrom, C. A. 1911
24 x 38 in.
Property plan, at corner of Wissahickon Ave. and School House Lane
SD9th-III-A-8 Plan, profile and cross-sections of portion of the towing path of Manayunk Canal, 21st Ward Phila. Sundstrom, C. A. 1895
37 x 24 in.
Manayunk, Venice Island, in vicinity of Main St.
SD9th-IV-C-46 Details of small stone bridge and associated culvert to span "low spot in Umbria St. north of Wright St." Signed by Strickland Kneass, Chief Engineer and Surveyor. Kneass, Strickland 1868
26 x 24 in.
Roxborough. Umbria St.
SD9th-IV-C-57 Plan of properties in the Twenty-first Ward appropriated for Park purposes by resolution of the Commissioners of Fairmount Park adopted Feb. 14th 1917. [Includes, in pencil, dollar amounts that may be the price paid for each parcel] Snyder, B. F., delineator? 1917
21 x 21 in.
Fairmount Park
SD9th-T-35-2 Map showing character or street pavements, issued by Department of Public Works, Bureau of Highways and Street Cleaning, Philadelphia, Pa. January 1st, 1914. Not named 1914
56 x 42 in.
Philadelphia and surrounding communities
SD9th-T-46-3 Map of the Township of Lower Merion, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, from original survey by John Levering, Surveyor, 1852. With all the divisions of property, number of acres and the owners names, the names of villages, roads, streams, factories, hotels, &c. Levering, John 1852
29 x 39 in.
Lower Merion Township, Montgomery County, and Manayunk
SD9th-T-54-5 Cross sections of the Schuylkill River taken October 1913. [Includes elevation of the river at the time of the survey and the elevation of the highest flood] Sundstrom, C. A. 1913
24 x 86 in.
Schuylkill River at various locations around Manayunk
SD9th-T-63-1 Nineteenth Section of the Twenty-first Ward [City Plan 298] Levering, John 1878
55 x 31 in.
City Plan area 298. Bisected by Wissahickon Creek and surrounding parkland. Bounded by Wissahickon Ave., Hermit St., Jannett Ave., and Roxborough Ave. and Upsal St.
SD9th-T-74-2 Plan showing location of buildings etc. between Manayunk Canal and Schuylkill River north west of Fountain Street, Twenty-first Ward. February 19, 1919. K. W. Granlund, Surveyor and Regulator of the Eighth District. Granlund, K. W. 1919
21 x 86 in.
Manayunk Canal
SD9th-T-79-9 Plan of the Township of Roxborough with the property holders' names, &c. Manayunk by Jno. Levering Surv'r. Published by M. Dripps [1848; tracing copy] Levering, John 1848
22 x 40 in.
Roxborough and Manayunk
SD9th-T-90-4 Philadelphia. Oct. 20th 1887. John H. Dye, Engineer and Surveyor Dye, John H. 1887
24 x 60 in.
Shawmont, on the Schuylkill River in Roxborough
SD9th-VI-A-25-1 Plan of proposed abolition of grade crossing at Wissahickon Station, 21st Ward. Sundstrom, C. A. 1900
34 x 58 in.
Wissahickon Station, on the Philadelphia and Reading Railroad
SD9th-VI-A-25-2 Plan of proposed abolition of grade crossing at Wissahickon Station, 21st Ward. Sundstrom, C. A. 1901
34 x 56 in.
Wissahickon Station, on the Philadelphia and Reading Railroad
SD9th-VI-A-26 Plan of present condition of Wissahickon Station, 21st Ward. Sundstrom, C. A. 1900
30 x 58 in.
Wissahickon Station, on the Philadelphia and Reading Railroad
SD9th-VIII-A-21 Topographical plan of Roxborough Reservoir, Twenty-first Ward, Philadelphia. January 1894. C. A. Sundstrom. Sundstrom, C. A. 1894
47 x 28 in.
Roxborough. Shows reservoir and surrounding area, bounded roughly by Ridge Ave., Port Royal Ave., Shawmont Ave. and Newland St.
SD9th-VIII-A-4 Plan of the Borough of Manayunk as surveyed by Jno. Levering. Published by M. Dripps, Pleasant St. below 13th St., Philadelphia, 1848. Levering, John 1848
40 x 30 in.
SD9th-XII-B-1 Plan of property surveyed for the City of Philadelphia Bureau of Water, 21st Ward. Sundstrom, C. A. 1894
24 x 29 in.
Roxborough. Shawmont Ave. and Schuylkill River
SD9th-XII-B-3 Plan of Lauriston, the property of L. Theodore Salaignac Esq., Twenty-first Ward, Philadelphia. July 26, 1894. Granlund, K. Wm., draughtsman 1894
27 x 32 in.
Wissahickon. Near corner of present-day Vicarist St. and Salaignac St.
SD9th-XIV-E-20.1 Plan of part of the estate of Mrs. Esther R. Jones, deceased, situate in Roxborough, 21st Ward of Philadelphia, below Manayunk & near the Wissahickon Rail Road Depot. Surveyed for the heirs, May 1854, by John Levering. Levering, John 1854
22 x 18 in.
Manayunk. Triangular property around the intersection of Ridge Ave. and Main St.
SD9th-XIX-A-114 The Magee Memorial Hospital for Convalescents. Morton Keast, Registered Architect, 1501 Commonwealth Trust Bldg., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Keast, Morton 1940
26 x 20 in.
Roxborough, near Henry Ave. and Hermit St., abutting Fairmount Park.
SD9th-XVI-F-22 Plan of Water Works property on Shawmont Avenue, Twenty-first Ward, Philadelphia. Sundstrom, C. A. 1900
21 x 28 in.
Roxborough. Bounded roughly by Shawmont Ave., Eva. St. and Dearnley St.
SD9th-XVI-F-36 Plan showing approximate location of water pipes at Shawmont Pumping Station, Twenty-first Ward. Sundstrom, C. A. 1904
22 x 30 in.
Shawmont, on the Schuylkill River in Roxborough
SD9th-XVI-F-47 Proposed extension of Retta Avenue Sundstrom, C. A. 1892
21 x 30 in.
Wissahickon and East Falls
SD9th-XVI-F-63 Map of Twenty-first Ward, Philadelphia Not named 1900 ca.
21 x 30 in.
Northwest Philadelphia
SD9th-XXV-22 Plan of mill properties in the Twenty-first Ward surveyed for Charles McDowell Manship, Horace H. (delineator) 1910
24 x 36 in.
SD9th-XXV-8 Plan of property in the 21st Ward, Philadelphia, made for the Roxborough Land Co. Granlund, K. W. 1918
23 x 29 in.
Northwest Philadelphia. Bounded by Gorgas Lane, Henry Ave., Gates St. and Ridge Ave.
SD9th-XXVIII-6 Plan of the estate of Samuel Levering dec'd. Philadelphia. Surveyed Aug. 1873 Jno. H. Levering, Surveyor 8th District. Levering, John 1873
51 x 16 in.
Manayunk. Mitchell St. to Terrace St., Penn St. to Shur's Lane